Accounting Services Customized for Specialized Industries

The professionals at J. Nick Leitch and Company also have specialized knowledge of the required accounting and privacy requirements for certain professions. As a result, we provide industry-specific business expertise and will work with you throughout the year to deliver the tools and resources you need to build and maintain a thriving business.

Our experienced professionals will provide insightful feedback, breaking down complex data into practical terms to help you make intelligent business decisions. Through careful planning and analysis, together we will determine your needs and create a personalized service package to keep you on track toward a more profitable future.

We are ready to serve clients in the following specialized professions:

  • Medical practices & health service providers (including dentists, physicians, optometrists, neurologists, podiatrists, anesthesiologists, surgeons and hearing aid specialists)
  • Attorneys
  • Engineers
  • Realtors
  • Architects
  • Consultants
  • Electricians & Insulations Professionals
  • Residential & Commercial Contractors
  • Real Estate Investment Professionals
  • Retailers
  • Convenience & Liquor Stores
  • Motel & Hotel Lodging

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