Taking the Pain out of Payroll

After taxes in general, payroll is an often dreaded task faced by business owners and managers. Not only can entering and processing payroll for employees and contractors be a tedious and repetitive chore, it is also one of the most likely business functions that can result in financial penalties when errors occur.

Your employees trust you to get their payroll right, and you can trust J. Nick Leitch & Company to manage all payroll functions for you, from paychecks and direct deposit, to managing the payroll taxes and wage reporting, as well as all of the various pre- and post-tax deductions for your employees. We can also manage workers’ comp, unemployment and payment of third-party withholding, such as insurance, retirement accounts or garnishments.

Consider our payroll services:

  • Complete payroll services, including check or direct deposit
  • Any frequency (weekly, biweekly, monthly)
  • Any type (hourly, salary, commission, tipped, owner draws)
  • Management of all deductions, employment taxes, third-party payments
  • Preparation of W-2s and 1099s
  • Preparation of all state and federal payroll reports
  • Preparation of unemployment and workers’ compensation reporting

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