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What is cpaSAFE™?

cpaSAFE™ stands for Secure Accounting File Exchange. Now you have the convenience of accessing any of your accounting or tax records with secure online access. We provide patented and proven industry software to assure maximum security. Visit our website and login to our dedicated Client Center. We’ll even instruct you on how to use all the features so you can start benefiting today. And your employees can separately access their paychecks or paystubs through their own online login. This is especially efficient if you have numerous employees or locations.

cpaSAFE™ is an all-inclusive smart business solution that allows you access to your company’s or individual accounting and tax records in real-time, providing continual, up-to-date information. This convenient access and organized data exchange results in an accurate financial outcome and ultimately contributes to saving you both time and money.

At J. Nick Leitch & Company, cpaSAFE™ is a secure and easy way to access and stay on top of your business and accounting records. This password-protected service offers convenience, accuracy, and peace of mind when it comes to sensitive tax documents, day-to-day bookkeeping, bill paying, checkbook balancing, payroll data, employee compensation (including W-2s), and much more.

Benefits of cpaSAFE™

24/7 access

Easy to use

View and print all documents in the Client Center

Client access to business and individual tax returns

Client access to payroll reports (Federal/State/Local)

View and print financial statements

Exchange files securely (including QuickBooks)

Sign documents electronically

Enter payroll data using custom worksheets

Dedicated employee access to paystubs and W-2s

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