Free Financial Apps for College Students

August 23, 2017

College students have smart phones loaded with apps. However, it is unlikely that any of these apps are dedicated to helping them build their financial fortitude. Check out the list below—chock-full of apps designed to make it easier for college students of any age to save money.

Mint—This personal finance app from Intuit is a great tool to easily track spending and learn how to budget…and can also help cut down on calls to the “Bank of Mom and Dad.”

Acorns—An increasingly popular app that provides an easy and painless means of investing in low-cost ETFs using spare change.  For example, if you grab a cup of coffee for $1.47, the app takes 53 cents from your checking account, rounding up the purchase to $2 even, and invests those extra cents in an ETF portfolio of your choosing.

Square Cash—Small debts are often accrued in college, but now it’s easier than ever to make good on paying them back—or collect on them. A few bucks borrowed or lent for a beer or a latte is easily repaid or collected using Square Cash. This app allows a user to send from or receive money to their bank account with no fee.

mySupermarket—Using this app allows students to avoid impulse buys and find the best deals on supermarket items. The app is great for food shopping online or in a store.

Big Oven—Getting great deals on grocery items is a good way to save money, but not if food is wasted by tossing leftovers. The Big Oven app helps students figure out ways to thriftily use the food they’ve purchased. The app also offers more than 350,000 recipes and the ability to manage grocery lists.

GoodRx—Using this app allows students with medical prescriptions to choose the pharmacy closest to them and displays the medication costs along with a coupon to pick up their medication.  Often the cost is less than the insurance co-pay.

Share our list with a college student you know. It’s a great start toward managing money wisely while in school.

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