2015 Online Client Organizer

January 8, 2016

We take the security of your personal information seriously. In today's world, mail and email are becoming less and less secure. With that in mind, we are making your 2015 tax organizer available via our Online Client Access Portal.

 Follow the steps to 2015 client organizer (login, select and print 2015 Tax Organizer):


 You will now have two options available when it comes to the 2015 tax organizer. You will have the standard form available in a pdf format to print like last year.  It is available by following the steps in the link above.  Also, you will have an interactive electronic version available.  By using this format you will be able to directly key in the amounts into an electronic version of the organizer.  Many clients have requested an option like this and it is now available!  If you would this version, please let us know ( nickl@jnickleitch.com ) and we will email to you instructions directly. 



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